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Life is busy and gets messy!

Yet, most of us find time to maintain just about every part of our lives…

We change our oil every 3 months, get our teeth cleaned every 6 months, get our hair cut and our nails done, sometimes even weekly!

What about you? When do you work on yourself?

When you want a strong body, you go to the gym and lift weights. What do you do if you want to strengthen you from the inside out?

In this busy world, we often get disconnected. I work with you to get you connected to yourself.

It starts with perspective shift

You are more than a body. You are more than a mind. 

You are made up of many layers, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When all the layers are balanced and the mind and body are connected life flows with ease.

I will help guide you to lay a strong foundation of every layer including the most important part of you- Your inner self- your soul.

Strength and healing happens by removing the old crap (labels, heart breaks, trauma) that has cluttered your mind, body and soul. We take one step at a time through spiritual practices like meditation, and practical comprehensive tools like hypnotherapy, energy medicine and yoga to create a foundation for a strong inner self, and we live life fiercely from that beautiful place.


Are old stories holding you back from thriving? Let's rewrite them with one-on-one custom hypnotherapy

Are you feeling so stressed in your daily life that you can't even find a minute to truly relax? Let's design a custom simple yet profound meditation practice that fits your lifestyle. 

Feel like old stuff is draining you, weighing you down and keeping you from moving forward? Let's clear out old stagnant energy and create balance and liveliness with energy work

It's time to show up, be brave and begin.

If you want something different, do something different.
— Robert Holden