Natural food to help you stay healthy

Ginger is one of the worlds most healthiest foods!

Ginger is very effective in alleviating digestion and bowel symptom, use it for a natural gas eliminator. Ginger is also a natural, safe and effective anti-nausea treatment. Im my OBGYN medical assistant days we prescribed ginger for all newly pregnant patients. It also works for non-pregos to eliminate sea sickness symptoms. Ginger also has an anti inflammatory compound that reduces joint pain, relives inflammation and swelling naturally! The amazing advantages to adding Ginger to your daily routine are astounding! 

I love adding Ginger in my green juice. This is my stay healthy secret! I thrive off my green apple, cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger root juice. If I miss a few days I literally crave it! Ginger induces heat and sweat, sweat contains elements that are effective against bacteria ,viruses and fungi keeping you healthy! Another way to add Ginger to your daily routine is by making a Ginger Tea. Boil some water, simply cut a few slices of Ginger root, and let seep for 7 minutes, add honey or lemon to taste!

Want to make your life even easier??!! Add one drop of Ginger essential oil and Lemon to your morning water. Cut out the cutting and chopping! Essential Oils are mother natures most natural medicine. They are pure and 50-70 times stronger than dried herbs! Both Ginger and Lemon Oil are safe in pregnancy, yet you should always consult with your doctor before trying something new.


How to make Downtime a Priority in your life!

"What have you been up to?"

The question that socially makes you feel like you should be training for a marathon and running your own six figure business on the side. It's no surprise that as a culture we are over worked and under rested. We wear "busy" as a badge of honor. "Oh, I've been so busy... *insert list of things you've been doing here*". No one would dare to respond "I've been balancing the business of life with more downtime"... or would you...?

The first step to invite more downtime into your life is to cultivate a relationship with the idea of rest and relaxation. To shift the thought pattern that spending quality time resting is not the same as being lazy or unproductive. Rest and relaxation allows our flight or fight system a much needed break, allowing cortisol, the stress hormone to decrease and endorphins the feel good hormones to increase. The act of rest and relaxation simply brings more happiness into your life. Try this simple reframe, "I love balancing the business of my life with more downtime, increasing my capacity for joy and happiness. I savor all the moments of my life a little bit more and more each day".

The second step is to actually do it! Schedule downtime into your calendar if you have too. Keep it simple to start, a cup of coffee with no newspaper, no cell phone, no email, no distractions. Just you and your cup of delicious savory coffee...mmmm. Park a few blocks from home and set the timer on your phone for 3 minuets, close your eyes, take three 4-6-8 breaths and savor the relaxation flooding your body. Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 6 and exhale for 8. Long term stress results in shallow breathing or under-breathing, hypoxemia a condition know as abnormally low oxygen levels. The inhale and hold saturates your body, bloodstream, organs, and tissues with cleansing fresh oxygen, energizing you and your cells. The long audible exhale expels as much CO2 as possible, releasing toxins from the body. This simple act of linking the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (the mind that usually does the breathing for us) through breath counteracts the chemical process of stress and tension in the body. Enjoy this feeling anytime you need some rest, relaxation and downtime. You'll notice you're happier and healthier when you are cultivate rest and downtime into your life. Soon you'll be an expert at rest and relaxation and truly savor all the moments of your life.

Choose Love: Continuing to Love even the difficult people...

Choosing love is the hardest thing I have had to learn to do. By nature my personality is happy judging, being negative and being defensive. Cultivating a life to Choose Love, has been one of my biggest struggles.

When I say #ChooseLove, I literally mean choose nothing else but Love. Letting go of annoyance, the desire to be right, irritation, gossip, and selfishness is not an easy thing to do. Many time this can be seen as being weak, submissive, and passive. The truth is Choosing Love is anything but weak it takes immense strength!

The burden and responsibility lie in the enlightened one.
— Soul Perspective 365

Forgiveness Friday

This was one of my most requested Periscopes on forgiveness and letting go. So many of you have requested to watch the replay and for some reason Katch did not catch this one :)

So I decided to keep it alive always here on the Blog. I hope this serves you... Forgiveness can be one of the greatest catalysts for forward movement in our lives. My hope is this ignites that forward movement in you...

In Love and Light, 


Why I am not a Bitch...

The first time someone called me a bitch I was in elementary school. Maybe third grade. The first time my father called me a bitch I was in fourth grade. There was this rhyme I would sing to make me "feel better"-

"A Bitch is a female dog, dogs bark, bark is part of a tree, trees are part of nature and Nature is Beautiful! So thanks for the Compliment"


"It takes a bitch to know a bitch- bitch." 

Depending on my mood.

Each and everyone of us has labels. Labels we've been given, or labels we've given our self.

Pigeonholes that we have learned to identify with or that someone has decided to identify with us whether we like them or not.

Here's the thing about being called at bitch at 7 years old- I began to identify with that label. I began to embody that label. I began to believe- that I Was A Bitch. 

So by the time I was 15,16,17 everyone knew that I was a bitch. My boyfriend called me one, my father had called me one more times that I can remember. If you asked around people would say "oh Jasmine? I heard she's a bitch" 

Or they might have a story for you of a time when I was a bitch to them personally. 

I was in a constant battle of who I was created to be - and what label I was trying to live up to. 

Each and every person is in a battle with themselves. A battle of the world view they were given from birth, to 7 years old and a battle of who they were created to be. 

From birth to around the age of 7, children are in a constant delta and beta brain wave. Everything we see, hear, witness is being recorded and sorted in our brain. This is how we categorize the world that we live in. We draw from these files for The Rest Of Our Lives, these files compile our Subconscious Mind.

So depending on what your first several years looked like your view of the world is running on your recorded files. 

These recordings "play" in our subconscious over and over and over again. Whether we are aware of it or not these recordings frame our beliefs. Imagine your iPod playlist playing in the background and you don't even notice the music until your favorite song comes. you stop and turn up that jam! 

Or.... You hate that song and you skip it. You can skip this song and the one after that as many times as you want- but you know it's going to come back up again.

This is the same thing that happens with your program or files or songs in your head. 

You can skip them- but they are going to come back. I spent years skipping the "bitch belief track" and it wasn't until I learned to re-record that track that I began asking- "If i"m not a bitch, what am I? Who am I?" 

What about you? I'd love to know... What do your recordings say? What are your beliefs? Are they positive and encouraging or negative? Are you ready to begin asking, if this is no longer true, then what is? Leave a comment below and lets share our stories!