Hi!! I'm Jasmine! Thats me just being silly, loving life!

First of all let me say how freakin' happy I am that you are here! You rock already! 

"Needing help doesn't make you weak, in fact quite the opposite. It makes you strong, smart, resourceful, and realistic. Being prideful is a weakness. Asking for help when you know you're in over your head is STRENGTH. Don't ever forget that!" -Anon

It took me a long time to learn that! Here's a little bit about me...

I was born into a first generation multicultural family with an Egyptian Muslim father and a Mexican Catholic mother. As you can imagine, everyone had their own perspective on just about everything!

My parents came from two very different cultures and did their very best to raise two girls in America, a culture they were still adapting to.

My parents had a lot of rules...

You know that time your mom said "Go ask your Dad"... for me the answer was always, "No! You can't go." Then I would ramble off important "facts" about why I really needed to go, and he would eventually shift to "Do whatever the hell you want." Which was great because then I could run off and do just that.

The problem was over time I couldn't stop, doing whatever the hell I wanted. My perspective was Ego driven, negative-voice driven and not from my soul. I did whatever the hell I wanted, all the time. 

Doing whatever the hell I wanted, meant I was mean, condescending, gossipy, and vindictive- because that was easier for me than being kind, patient, loving, or good to my soul.

Around Middle School I began to see small pieces of my true nature and realized I liked helping people. Usually with drama... but hey! I was 15... what else was an ego driven 15 year old supposed to do?!

So my western, academic ego eventually ended up in healthcare. I actually loved helping people, but after years and years, I began to feel lost in the machine that western medicine has become.

People were ill with serious depression, physical symptoms and loaded up on pills and "band aides".

I spent over a decade as a medical assistant only to find myself more and more lost in “helping people”.

Starting on 12/12/12 twelve days before Christmas, was the beginning of my perspective shift.

My fifty-three year old uncle collapsed at a job site, and passed away of a massive heart attack. Although this was not the first massive loss I had experienced personally nor the first that my family had experienced (my thirty-eight year old uncle passed away suddenly in 1999, I lost countless freinds in high school) this loss rocked my world. Two days later my cousins’ wife (the son of my uncle who passed) delivered a baby girl that was three months premature...

Already grieving so profoundly my ego couldn’t handle this immense loss of control.

I feel to my knees and it was here in my dark night of the soul, that I began to surrender, ask and listen.

I couldn't keep drifting anymore, I couldn't keep up the appearance that my inner life was just as together as my outer life. Months of grief, (I lost my grandmother, 3 months later) struggle and coasting in cruise control led me to search my soul- my inner self for the answers to get unstuck and begin to heal.

I learned I had to give my emotions life, feel them, honor them and then let them go.

I began to let go of the past and move forward through spiritual practice- meditation, finding a spiritual community and yoga. Once I began getting honest with matching my inner life with my outer life, I began to see my life shift.

My inner self/my soul had transformed and The Divine, which is in all of us, began to guide me through my daily life. I took little steps daily to reset the course of my life and shift my perspective away from that "do whatever the hell you want" person.

I watched in awe as others transformed around me, merely based on the way that I chose to spread love and light, transparently rather than living insecurely inside in my own darkness.

Through the next couple years my life was still in chaos. (My husband and I choose to move into my family home due to financial burden, three of my family members were diagnosed with cancer, and freinds that are family suffered a horrible tragedy)

Through my personal life experiences in the desert places of life, I learned with meditation and my tool kit, I could nurture a level of happiness and peace that I never knew possible and had never experienced before.

My purpose in life became clear- to guide others get unstuck, to support you, in designing a spiritual practice that serves as a strong foundation for life- because inevitably, shit is going to hit the fan.

Let's get you so grounded and rooted and so firm in your inner-life, that the fan won't blow you totally away.

Follow your bliss
— Joseph Campbell

A Few fun facts about me:
  • I'm a California girl who loves living life in the sunshine!
  • My husband is a professional chef and if it wasn't for his grace I would probably starve to death.
  • I love nature and feel a deep connection to The Divine in nature.
  • I ran a marathon in 2012 and gained a new found respect for the saying, "life is not a sprint it is a marathon."
  • Having my toes in the sand, is my happy place.
  • I've always been a truth speaker- I've learned how to turn this into a blessing rather than a burden.
  • My husband is the icing on my cake and the sun in my sunshine! I signed my husband's middle school year book- "Have a great summer" #TrueStory
  • I was a cheerleader for 15 years and something about cheering people on still gets me pumped up!
  • I share a birthday with Elvis Presley.
  • I follow Jesus and his teachings. Love the Lord your God with all your mind, body and soul, Love your neighbor as yourself, covers all bases for me.
  • I've always believed if you're not happy about your life, it's up to you to do something to change it.
  • I believe God put me here to serve and I strive daily to become the woman God created me to be. 


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For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom serve one another in love.
— Galatins 5:13