Jasmine Smith
Holistic Health Crusader,  disrupting the status quo

Empowering bold seekers on a path of exploration, who are dedicated, curious & inspired to live a healthier, happier life.


An online wellness community, offering Transformational Monthly Memberships::

Each month you receive:

5 core offerings

⋙ Hypno-Meditation & Breath-work

⋙ Weekly Clean Healthy Recipes

⋙ Journal prompts

⋙ Yoga Practice

⋙ Monthly Teaching

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Jasmine has a truly unique background- including a previous career in western medicine, a degree in Health Science and Biology, and a blended education of eastern alternative holistic practices.

“I have a supreme grasp of how the functions of the human body, coupled with our behaviors, thoughts, and neural patterns- profoundly effect us.”

Jasmine has taken her years of experience coupled with the practices that have created the most profound changes in her life, and created a one-of-a-kind online monthly membership empowering you and guiding you to live a healthier, happier life.





Hypno-Meditation & Breathwork

Re-wiring neural pathways. Custom designed simple yet profound life enhancing, hypno-meditations that fit your lifestyle desires and needs.


Monthly Teachings & Journal Prompts

Journaling has been proven to reduce stress and inspire creativity. Monthly teachings - opportunities to shift your perspective, bettering your life.


Personalized Movement

Physical body reset. Connecting movement and breath through a well balanced personalized workout, using the spiritual awareness of yoga to increase overall health.


Professional Healthy Clean Recipes

Transform your energy, overall health making your holistic lifestyle easy with a personalized, targeted healthy eating recipes.

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