Jasmine Smith
Holistic Health Crusader,  disrupting the status quo



As a California native, growing up and living in Silicon Valley, I know how busy and disconnecting life can be sometimes. Often we don't realize how truly disconnected we are- until critical parts of our lives begin to deteriorate, fray and fall apart. 

I know the feeling too - years ago, my life was unhinging. Ways of being that used to work in my life, weren't working anymore.

I started to redesign my life, from the ground up. Much like an architect, I began creating new blueprints and renovating the way I functioned (body, mind and all the multi-layered systems, that make us human).

With experience and deep passion, I offer these tools to you today, as your Holistic Health Guide + Spiritual Architect. 



My unique background includes a previous career working in western medicine, a degree in Health Science and Biology, and a blended education of eastern alternative holistic practices. I have a supreme grasp of how the functions of the human body, coupled with our behaviors, thoughts, and neural patterns- profoundly effect us.

Whether you’re going through the motions of life wondering if there's more, or just trying to figure out how to truly enjoy everyday life, increase happiness, reduce stress, and get quality sleep. I'll work exclusively with you in the process of balancing  "all parts" of you and designing a well functioning, optimal, one of a kind life!



Client Reviews

I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Jasmine is amazing!! The program surpassed my expectations and I really left with tools that will keep me grounded in my everyday life.
— Amanda M.
Thanks to Jasmine, I’ve started a new routine at night. I sleep like a baby. I appreciate how communicative she is and I trust her. With her help, I’ve changed my life in ways I never knew I could.
— Madeline B.
The meditation has really inspired me to engage in mental calmness. I moved Much deeper into my meditation practice and this is what I really wanted...Thank you Jasmine!!
— John B.
My constant cough is gone and I’m sleeping more soundly than I have in years. Jasmine, thank you so much, because of the research you did and the plan you created, my life is forever changed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Sandy P.


Hypno-Meditation Mentorship

Re-wiring neural pathways. Custom designed simple yet profound life enhancing, hypno-meditations that fit your lifestyle desires and needs.

Virtual Energy Clearing

Virtual energy reboot. Experience deep relaxation and calm. Clearing stagnant energy, balancing your energy, creating vitality.

Personalized Movement

Physical body reset. Connecting movement and breath through a well balanced personalized workout, using the spiritual awareness of yoga to increase overall health.

Tailored Essential Oils Protocol 

Transform your emotions, energy, overall health and holistic lifestyle with a personalized, targeted essential oil protocol.

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