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Frequency of Your Higher Self


What if I told you, everyday seemingly mundane moments - can be full, blissful, joyful and beautiful.

That you can feel connected to yourself, your intuition and your power.

Do you want to experience that connection, that power, that force?

Are you willing to show up for yourself and show up for your life, in a new way?

The fact that you exist right now, is proof that you are more powerful than you know. The odds that your mom’s one egg (out of 100,000 eggs in her lifetime) and your father’s one sperm (out of 4 trillion sperm that could have been made the years you were born) met and created you are amazing.

The chance - that one egg, and that one sperm came together and made YOU are 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000.

YEAH. That’s worth repeating.

There was a 1 in 400 quadrillion chance that you were born, a 1 in 400 quadrillion chance that you are alive, here and now. You are not here by accident.

Your life is worth living. Your beauty is worthy of expression. Your soul deserves to be known.

YOU are 1 in 400 quadrillion.

YOU possess limitless power.

power (2).png

You have the power to know yourself AND transcend your human-ness into your true soul essence.

You have the power to know the light and to illuminate the darkness.

You have the power to know, feel and be your higher frequency self.

You have the power to feel and the power to heal.

When you know and feel the frequency of your higher self -

Life is limitless, Joy is limitless. You are limitless


Hi. I’m Jasmine Smith,

Not that long ago I was unhappy, fearful, disheartened and dare I even say… pessimistic. I remember exactly what it felt like to wonder if true happiness was real, feeling like I had no control over my life and thinking my life was- as good as it was going to get.

On 12/12/12 death came knocking on my family’s door, leaving me on my knees in surrender. I was already swirling in deep uncertainty feeling like I was loosing control- the dream-career I worked for 7 years for was slipping away from me. The trauma of my uncle dying- put my cousin’s wife into premature labor at 28 weeks… and 3 months later I buried my only grandmother.

This was the beginning of my undoing, unearthing, unbeing.

I began unraveling the threads of my life, dismantling stories and ideas that I held as beliefs and shifting patterns I previously wasn’t aware of. Through my dark nights of the soul, I began to explore deeper, search higher and seek wider.

A deep unlearning and re-learning began. Everything was in question.

I earned a certification as a hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and energy worker. My perspective was shifting and expanding.

In 2015 my hubby and I packed our belongings and moved to a magical place in Northern California. As I packed my things and moved my life I realized I was a newer version of myself; braver, more curious. I told my hubby, I wanted more from life. I realized being a medical assistant no longer lined up with my values. I was tired of side-line living, I needed to do something different.

My sweet, practical, logical hubby said… “umm okay.. well what exactly do you want?”. I realized I had no idea. I knew I wanted to immerse myself deeper into this new world I was experiencing and I wanted to share my life-changing experiences, but I didn’t know where to start. I walked into the unknown, determined to grow, learn, share and live a life of more, along the way.

Throughout the next few years, I was thriving. I loved working in my hypnotherapy practice, teaching meditation, yoga classes and working in energy healing. I led and co-lead my first workshops, yoga classes, large group experiences, intimate yoga teacher trainings, international yoga retreats and so much more.

It was both glorious and challenging…

I was broken-down along the way. I was slandered, defamed and kicked to the curb by the yoga community that I worked with and loved.

My husband was laid off… I was fired a week later from what I thought was a new ‘dream job’. We were both unemployed and afraid.

I hustled and taught all over town.

I settled in a new space and got rejected again. I kept showing up for my happiness and tapping into my power. I landed in a new wonderful place, kept doing the work- refining my process. Finding both happiness in life and working through deep grief.

I kept showing up- because I knew, no one else was going to create the life of my dreams.

I learned a lot of things the hard way. On the tough days, I used the tools I had and on the tougher days I developed new ones.

Throughout all of my determination, dedication, doing the work and figuring it out, I developed a process. I took myself through the process. I got clear on the process.

Over time I began to teach the process to my yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy clients. I witnessed their expansion. They shared their evolution.

I was helping people evolve and grow—and I was watching myself transform.

I knew, I had to share this process. I knew I had to create this course.

Today, I am a personal and spiritual development coach, running a online business empowering messy beautiful humans. I have a process. I know how to realign thoughts, train minds, elevate energy and keep the fire ignited- even on the hard days. I know how to precess grief, heal and be.

I love what I do — every day of my life.

With certainty my life and my evolution serve as the foundation for everything I have created for the collective.

Now I’m living my dream, helping others connect, tap in and transform their lives




This is more than a course.

This is more than a program.

This is a sacred journey.

This is a beautifully unique combination of energetic concepts, practical principles and spiritual strategies.

It’s time.

It’s time to co-create the life of your dreams, wide-awake and grateful.

It’s time to expand into fullness, overflow in true happiness, and bathe in confidence.

It’s time to release, heal, forgive and allow.

It’s time to break through, up-level and transform, crushing the ceiling, and laying down the old limiting self, arising from the ashes.

It’s time to live divinely aligned and purposefully guided.

It’s time to evolve your connection to self, source, and all levels of existence.

It’s time to experience your more-ness:

You are are more than a body

You are more than a mind

You are an essence, a frequency

It’s time to evolve into your higher self, frequency and live beautifully from that place, 365 days a year.

its time (1).png

Because you deserve the opportunity to be who you were born to be.

You deserve to intimately feel every moment of this life.

Because you’re worthy

Because you’re powerful.

You deserve to beam your frequency, smile at the synchronicities of life and feel your connection to source strengthen.

It’s time to experience your being and bask in your high frequency.

It’s time to experience expansion into your true essence.

I am here to show you.

HI .png
Circle pic- me.png

I’m a spiritual development coach, yogi, and matcha lover. I am passionate and bold. I am a truth speaker. I keep it real, offering a new perspective- and even if it’s uncomfortable I always come from a place of love.

I will empower you, stand with you and hold space for you like no other.

I’m about deep presence and raw, real connection. I’ve helped dozen’s of women shift and evolve their conciseness. I exist on this planet to offer you expansion into your true soul essence, guide you towards your limitless power and hold you up as you elevate into your Soul’s Frequency.


I show you how to honor your energy and shift into your Soul’s Frequency.

I introduce you to your being, it’s expansive ocean like space and it’s innate capacity to experience all of life’s emotions and seasons.

I guide you to root into your soul essence while sharpening and expanding into your future essence and existence.

I  show you how to shift your frequency, your energy, your vibration.

I hold massive space. I empower you to heal. I support you to look beyond the surface.

I show you how to elevate your perspective, expand your vision, and up-level your life across all areas.

I give you the practical principles, spiritual strategies and energetic concepts to rise up and arrive to the frequency of your higher self.

Experience, Expand, Elevate.png

Jasmine’s guidance has perfect timing. Jasmine is a catalyst for my spiritual and overall growth as a human being. She inspires me to ignite my soul’s passions no matter what. Jasmine has a beautiful energy that feels so grounding and uplifting. Her honesty and sense of humor are a magical pair. She goes all in with her heart and soul.  I know Jasmine will impact others as greatly as she continues to impact me.

- Allison Hunt, Yoga Teacher | Occupational Therapist, WA

Circle pic- laura.png

Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with. She has an innate ability to put you right at ease, from the first moment. It's obvious how dedicated she is in her quest to guide others on their journey to enlightenment. Jasmine is kind, relatable, empathetic and self-aware, with a special ability to connect and inspire others. Having the opportunity to know Jasmine has been an honor, especially witnessing her flourish and embrace her own super power. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to take a path of self-discovery. 

- Laura Bishop, Personal Life & Recovery Coach, CA




I Am Not My Mind. I Am Not my Body.

We begin the journey with shifting how you think, how you feel and how you want to live. We acknowledge your patterns, old stories, limiting beliefs and understand how the subconscious functions. We get clear on the different languages of the mind and the body. We talk about what growth really looks like and adapt a growth mindset. We begin the process, we establish your energy, shift your perspective, open your mindset. We geek out on what emotions, feelings, energy and vibrations actually are. We dig deeper, upgrading your worth. We align with and allow expansion and elevation.


Variance of Vibration

We deep dive into the foundations in shifting energy, elevating frequency and mastery of the mind. We establish deep awareness, and tap into presence getting clearer than you ever have before on what you want, where you’re going and how you want to feel. We explore spiritual boundaries, energy leaks, energetic minimums and maximums. We root into a calm mind, centered body and intuitive soul using mindfulness, self care and self love.

Week Three_.png

The Deep Dive, Exploration & The Investigation

We begin to unearth and release subconscious programs, old patterns, blocks, limited thinking and self sabotage. Strengthening layers - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual- we begin to experience and understand energy on all of our multifaceted layers. We bring about confidence, we set clear expectations for our personal development. We establish deep connection to responsibility, self agency and authority. I hold deep space for your up-level process as you begin to feel on a cellular level. You begin saying yes to your soul. We discuss what exceptional high vibe self care is and looks like for you. We invite, awe, meaning and expansive reverence into your existence.


Death & Rebirth. The Emergence.

We let go of the old you. We grieve and discuss grief, passion, love trust and release. Releasing and receiving into what your true, heart centered - most high vibe frequency, essential nature is. You will know and feel with confidence and clarity what it feels like to be in alignment. We will call in your high frequency future self. We will tap into the frequency of your future self- something that you cannot even comprehend right now. Meeting, feeling, knowing and boldly emerging as your high frequency future self. We start LIVING life from that elevated space.


Integration & The Limitless Potential

This is the week integrate. We focus on infusing your words with frequency, your ripple effect on the world, we assume and posture. We discuss quantum leaping and how you can start to take it higher, if and when you’re ready. We discuss process and being in process. You get access to me while you integrate into your new high frequency self. You witness the world knowing, feeling, seeing and being in your higher frequency. Vibing with her, I share how to blend the spiritual and the practical for limitless being. You decide on what a life of more looks like and feels like -for you. We review getting clear, deciding, co-creating and manifesting the life of your dreams- your life of more!


≽ Calmness: 7 Day Experience

Pre-work: A 7 day Mini Course guiding you to experience- mindfulness and calmness. I give you the daily spiritual strategies and practical principles that have made the biggest impact in my life!


≽ Physical Body & Soul Alignment Hypno-Meditation

A 20-minute deep Hypno-Meditation to bring your physical body and Soul body into vibrational alignment. This Hypno-Meditation will re-wire your mindset and elevate your frequency and begin up-leveling your life!


≽ Happiness Quiz & Worksheet

Happiness starts with more clarity! Using this happiness quiz and worksheet you will know exactly what actions, emotions and feelings brings more happiness into your life, so you can start cultivating your unique happiness now!


≽ Waterfall Hypno- Meditation

Washing away, cleanse, release. Restore, renew, replenish.

Testimonials  .png
Circle pic- delayne (1).png

When I first started working with Jasmine I was in a stressful place mentally and felt completely overwhelmed by my responsibilities.

Jasmine really helped bring calmness and purpose back into my life. She helped bring me back to the basics, providing me new insights and hope.

Jasmine delivers unyielding support and really sets an EXAMPLE for the journey. I am thankful for her because my life has changed for the better! Thank you Jasmine!

Circle pic- Julie.png

Being able to witness Jasmine’s transformation and growth for years has inspired me to learn, and challenge myself! There's a realness and practicality in Jasmine’s teaching style and the way that she supports you on your own journey. I love that she's so transparent, I feel more empowered to tackle my own highs and lows or like her, accept where I am and understand that it's all part of a process.

I love her philosophy of continuing to show up, and most importantly, not give up! One of the most important things Jasmine’s taught me is patience and acceptance. I have a tendency of beating myself up, if I feel like i'm not where I'm supposed to be, her teachings keep me grounded by reminding me to have patience, gratitude, self-love, forgiveness, but also to embrace the present moment and stay focused on the now. 

With all of her courses and events, Jasmine is so good at easing me in and meeting me at my level! She approaches things in digestible, bite-sized chunks, which is very appreciated for someone like me who has a tendency towards an 'all or nothing' attitude. I feel more empowered and aware thanks to a lot of the 'why's' that she's shed light on. Jasmine is a spiritual gangster, passionate teacher, and an extremely compassionate individual that I am so thankful to have in my life!

about (1).png

I’m not your average human being and I’m not your typical spiritual coach.

I’m not one for labels and I gave up playing by the rules a long time ago.

Untitled design (2).png

I do things differently. I will give it to you straight and I will not let you sit in your crap.

I will love the shit out of you, root for you and support you to explore beyond the surface. Around here we dig deep and evolve high. It doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated and it doesn’t have to take up your whole entire life.

My job is to empower, guide and teach you. I exist to help you utilize every practical and spiritual tool that shifted my life and helped me build the life of my dreams.

I know what it takes to upgrade your worth, show up authentically in your life, experience your true soul essence and to tap into your limitless power. I’m here to show you how.

How it works (1).png

We begin live Tuesday July 16th!

We meet weekly online live! We dive into each weekly module together, so you can ask questions live. Each weekly module has journal prompts, pre- recorded meditations and hypno-meditation you can play anytime and to accompany each weeks content. If you cannot join live, all modules will be recorded.

Each weekly module will be taught live in a private access-only Facebook group. (if you don’t have FB no worries, you can join live via Zoom!)

All recordings will be emailed to you the day after the live module.

You have total unlimited replays of each weekly module. You have total and complete freedom to find your own pace and take the course at any rhythm that feels good to you!

You have lifetime access to the course including all updates.

The bonuses are open for immediately upon enrolling.

Check your email upon enrolling!


How long is the course?

The course is five weeks (or five modules). We will go through the course together in five weeks time. However you have the content for life, so you can go at any pace you’re comfortable with.

How/When is the content delivered?

Each weekly module will be recorded live in a private access only Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook, no worries you’ll be able to join live online via Zoom! If you can’t make the live recording, you will be emailed the replay the day after the live recording.

What if I don’t have Facebook, can I still participate in the course?

Believe it or not- I’m new to Facebook! If you don’t have Facebook , no problem. We will also livestream a private Zoom Webinar - that you van join instead of joining via Fb. This will allow anyone to attend the live stream outside of Facebook and to join via Zoom. If you can’t make it live, you will receive all recorded content the day after it is recorded live.

I’m so freaking busy right now. What if I can’t complete the course in five weeks or fall behind?

There is no such thing as behind. You are the master of your pace. Although the group starts on week one, you can start whenever you are ready. The recordings will be sent to you and hosted online forever. You can go through the course at your own pace. You have the course content (and all future updates) forever.

Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! I love offering payment plans. This is how I’ve been able to invest in myself, in a massive way. Scroll to the bottom to see the payment plan options.

What can I expect from this course?

Motivating content. Elevating your confidence and belief in yourself and your limitless power. Meditations. Journal prompts. Affirmations. A process to connect with your self on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. Shift in your perspective. Evolving and expanding into your higher self frequency.

Can you guarantee specific results?

This process and the content in this course completely changed my life, I deeply believe in all of the content in this course. The testimonials on this page are from real, live people who have worked with me, showed up for themselves, did the work, and and have had shifts in their lives. DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee or pledge results.

What is your refund policy?

I’ve never given a refund. There is not a bone in my body that believes that anyone will ever want an refund. With that being said, I know having the option to request a refund sometimes makes your belief in investing in yourself easier. So here’s the deal: we start Thursday May 23rd, check the course and if you truly feel it is not a fit for you, send me an email with your homework attached within 5 days of the first day of the course and I ill process a refund.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! I am offering 2 scholarship spots. If you know this course is for you and you know you are the person who is being called to apply for a scholarship position, trusting honestly in your heart that your energetic exchange for the course- will be you showing up 150% and due to your current life circumstances, you are currently only able to offer an energy exchange, then this is for you. Email soulperspective365 at and tell me why you know this offer is for you. How you envision your higher self through this course, upon completion, and after living it. How you will show up throughout the course and why you are being called to participate whole heartedly.

More Questions?!
 email soulperspective365 at for help!

ready .png

We begin Tuesday July 16th!

You will receive access to the bonuses & pre-work immediately upon enrollment.

excited .png

I’m rooting for you & I’m always in your corner!


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