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Copy of Home

Hi I’m Jasmine,

a former medical assistant turned soul seeker, I went from deep-sleep to wide awake.

I’m a teacher and a coach for busy women who want to increase happiness and truly live a life of more

I do things differently. I empower and guide curious humans like you to expand beyond your limits— stop being numb, wondering if there is more to life…

There is more.

Around here— we are not about fluff, we don’t live surface lives AND we don’t do things the the old way.

There is a new way of being, a different perspective of life and we’re doing it 365 days a year.

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Transformation starts with clarity.

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We are multilayered, multifaceted, beautiful, messy, humans. We are a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic layers. All of this is true.

It takes all of these layers to live a healthier life and experience real happiness. True lasting change— happens in small steps. You need the steps and I’ve got them.

I take curious humans just like you who have a vision of a life of more. With the Soul Perspective Living process your dreams, become reality.

Transformational Monthly Offering

5 core offerings

⋙ Hypno-Meditation & Breath-work

⋙ Weekly Clean Healthy Recipes

⋙ Journal prompts

⋙ Yoga Practice

⋙ Monthly Teaching


Hypno-Meditation & Breath-work

Custom designed simple yet profound life-enhancing, hypno-meditations, re-wiring neural pathways, simple & easy that fit your lifestyle desires and needs.


Journal Prompts & Monthly Teachings

Journaling has been proven to be one of the biggest game changers for top-performers in reducing stress & inspiring creativity. Monthly teachings - offer an opportunity to enhance holistic living.


Personalized Movement

Physical body reset. Connecting movement and breath through a well balanced custom workout each month, using the spiritual awareness of yoga to increase overall health and wellbeing.


Professional Healthy Clean Recipes

Transform your energy, up-level your overall health, loss weight, and eat healthy. Weekly one-of-a-kind professional chef recipes making your holistic lifestyle simple & easy with a unique custom healthy recipes.


Jasmine Smith
Holistic Health Crusader, disrupting the status quo

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Empowering bold seekers on a path of exploration, who are dedicated, curious & inspired to live a healthier, happier life.


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