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March CALMness

March CALMNESS.jpg

March CALMness:  7 Day Experience

How to live a happier more fulfilling life WITHOUT lululemons, drinking green juice and sitting on a cushion all day.

Mercury is in retrograde.
Uranus is in Taurus.
It's a 3 year, we're in a 3 month.
You don’t have to understand everything, what you’re already feeling is the energy is intense.

Shit is shifting. It's bubbling up, you can't ignore it anymore.
Well I mean... you can ignore it if you want to keep doing the same old thing... or you can use the shift, rise with the tide and experience a whole new way of living.

There is a new way of being, a different perspective of life 365 days a year and we’re starting now.

Soul Perspective 365 Living Process is all about foundations in Mind, Body, Soul. Why? Because we are multilayered, beautiful, messy, humans. We are a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic layers. All of this is true. It takes all of these layers to live a healthier life and experience real happiness. 

It begins one day at a time. For less than $5 a day, $33 for the entire week. I’ll be your personal coach for an entire week. You’ll learn quick powerful practices that have made the most impact in my life and you can use them forever! This is a multilayered experience, combining mind, body, soul. It’s not really something I can explain to you, its something that you get to experience. True lasting change— happens in small steps. You need the steps and I’ve got them.

We start Monday March 25th

no more excuses boo. Your time is now.


 How we'll do it

We'll meet daily in a private Facebook group and Instagram page, with a brave, boldly curious group of like-minded humans who want more out of life. You're not alone, you’ll meet other curious humans just like you. 

What we'll learn

Simple no-nonsense approach to shifting energy and fueling transformation. Easy to use life changing tools to shift mind, body and soul inspired and designed by years of practice.

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"From years of operating at the top of the medical field and collaborating with the best alternative holistic heath leaders, Jasmine’s innovative Soul Perspective 365 Process has been taught in grade schools, yoga studios, wellness centers and universities, sharing some of the finest tools the field has to offer. Now she wants to bring her secrets out of her workshops and into your life, one day a time."