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Shifting Courses

Shifting - Private one on one Package Sessions


Hello Beauty!

Your curiosity spiked. You wondered what’s this all about?

You landed here because you feel led and called.

You’ve grown and your growing.

But you feel like something is blocking you from the next step. Or you’re not even sure what the “next-step” would be.

I been there. I felt lost and confused, overwhelmed and uninspired.

I felt like I’d rather keep playing small and doing the same old thing than risk failing myself.

Here’s the thing babe. There is no such thing as failing yourself if you are showing up.

Growth happens in showing up.

Transformation occurs from showing up.

When life throws curve balls, show up to the game, bring your gear, wear your sunscreen, keep your eye on the ball, keep swinging that bat- and most of all just keep showing up.

I truly believe this is the secret to success and happiness. When the odds seemed stacked against you, when it feels like it's not going to happen, when you don't understand why it feels so complicated- that's when you go big with faith, take steps forward and keep showing up.

But showing up is not the only part. If it was- it would be like showing up in a boat with no oars and expecting to get somewhere... You wouldn't do that- that would be silly.

You get clear and have a plan. You keep adjusting the plan as you go, do it and pivot! Get clear on what you want, get clear on where you're going and get clear on who you want to be on your way.

Use the tools you have.

And if you’re not clear- I’m here to help you get clearer than ever before.

And if you don’t have the tools- I’m here to teach you and guide you in the practical and the energetics.

I’m here to be your support system, your mentor, your coach,

I’m here to guide you towards the best version of you.

No one else can create the best version.

No one else can create the life of your dreams.

You are worth it.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are more than your mind. You are more than your thoughts.

Because the ultimate truth is you are more than your mind, you are more than your thoughts, I am more than my body.

You are a vibration, a frequency, a soul.

You are beyond powerful

You are beyond capable 

You are worth it.

I want you to know with support it gets richer, and sweeter and juicier.

I’m here to support you.

I’m here to nurture your growth.

I’m here to guide your transformation.

I have a process. I know how to realign my thoughts, I know how to train my mind, I know how to elevate my energy and ignite a fire- even on the hard days.

I'm in your corner, I'm rooting for you and cheering you on, always!