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Uplevel Replay


PART 1 >>Owning your Authenticity<<

the work.png


>> Am I showing up as my true authentic self in my everyday life?

>> Where am I being / showing up as a different version of myself in my life (at church, with certain groups of friends, at work)

>> I notice and acknowledge without judgement where I am scattering my energy. (give some examples). I choose to question everything, as I come into alignment.

>> Who do I feel most authentic with? What is it about being with this person makes me feel safe, worthy, and loved? How can I channel this energy into other situations where I am not yet fully confident?

>> Am I hustling for my worth? How am I hustling for my worth. Why am I hustling for my worth. How can I remind myself of my worth (hint: see affirmations)

>> Choose 3 stories/habits/patters that you are not sure are your own and investigate - do I still want to live in this? Free write one page for each topic (free writing is allowing yourself to write until the page is full without stopping- even if you’re writing “I don’t know what to say, if I made it up, if I did know what to say… I would say that…”)

>> If you discover a pattern.story.habit that you no longer want to experience journal through the prompts:

  • I release you ____ you are no longer mine

  • I free you from my energy

  • Thank you for serving me in feeling _______, I choose to release this old story now.

  • I free you from my energy . I breathe you out and away. You are no longer mine.

  • _____ is not my truth. I step into a new version of my being, now.


>> I am worthy

>> I am deserving

>> I am lovable, loved and love.

>> I question with loving curiosity all my thoughts/feelings/emotions ((are mine to own or old limiting vibration/stories/patterns I am ready to release))

>> I am in charge of my energetic frequency

>> I shift, I uplevel, I rise up

>> I get to choose my energetic frequency

>> I choose to explore me and a deeper level of my true soul essence

>> I choose to shift higher now


Shift Higher Now



>> Heart Breath

>> 3 second rule

>> Allow curiosity to be your first response

PART 2 >>Vibrational Alignment<<

the work.png

Journal: Use this worksheet to help you understand feelings vs. emotions.

>> What emotions am I currently addicted to? (think of repetitive/ emotions/ feelings/ situations that show up in your life)

>> Am I ready to release those emotional addictions?

>> What emotions do I WANT to call into my life, now.

>> What does happiness, joy, contentment, okayness, bliss, gratitude, FEEL like in my body?


>> I am an energetic being

>> I am a frequency

>> I am a soul


Hypno-Meditation: Deep Vibrational Alignment


>> Creative Visualization

>> Pay attnetion to the stories that you are telling and the way you talk to your self.

Avoid: I need, I want, I should

Strive for: I want to do this because ____ / I choose to do this

PART 3 >>The Decision. Declaration. Opening and Receiving <<

part 3 replay (1).png

>> In what areas of your life are you playing with the energy of Decision

>> Where are you ready in your life to make a bold declaration now

>>List your bold declarations:

>> I decide & declare I am no longer available for:

>> I decide & declare I am upleveling in the following ways/areas

>> Where am I gripping in my life?

>> What am I holding onto fiercely that I choose to let go now? ( old beliefs that it’s hard, etc)

>> What happens when someone complements me?

>> My new beliefs around opening to receive are (its gets to easy, fun, I choose to shift my energy)

part 3 replay (2).png

>> I choose to shift my old programming now, after today I now notice my old patterns and choose to shift. 

>> When some compliments me I receive with ease

>> When some offers to pay the bill I gratefully receive

>> I am open to receive and I practice the energy of receiving

MEDITATION: Starts at 28:50 of the part 3 video :) XO ENJOY!


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