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Work With Me

Work With Jasmine

I’m not your average human being or your typical life coach. Working with me means adding a multifaceted holistic wellness expert to your support system. Who specializes in personal and spiritual development linking neuroscience with quantum physics and beyond. I do things differently. I keep it real, offering a new perspective. I will give it to you straight - even if it’s uncomfortable. I will not let you sit in your crap. I’ll create a safe space and relationship to talk openly about your life, struggles, biggest blocks and fears, and be in it all with you, without judging you.

In our relationship of deep presence and real, raw connection where you are accepted and understood- you will feel heard and supported. You will be given the practical and spiritual skills and knowledge you need to shift, and create change.

I will meet you where you are at and guide you to move forward. You will be supported to explore beyond the surface.

I know how messy and overwhelming life can get. Together we can get you through it.

I can pretty much guarantee, no single choice will do more for your happiness and overall well being than adding a person like me to your support system who can support you in creating a life of more that you love!

I’ve helped countless beautiful messy humans become clear about what they want, work through limiting beliefs, make positive changes, and design a life they are fulfilled with and obsessed with living. You are capable. You can do more, be more and have more. You can become your happiest, best, true, most authentic self. Are you ready to say hell yes to that?! I’m here to show you how.

Do you:

  • Desire to create real, lasting change in your life?

  • Feel stuck in your current relationship or job?

  • Desire the confidence be your true authentic self?

  • Need communication skills to improve current relationship or family dynamics?

  • Feel ready to finally follow your passion or dream? Or need support in finding your passion or dream?

  • Need added support in a big decision or transition?

  • Desire to move forward/heal from past hurtful experiences?

  • Feel curious about what meditation & other holistic wellness practices could work for you?

  • Need someone in your support system who is massively encouraging and TRULY believes in you?

  • Want to LIVE a life of MORE?!

Coaching with me works. I keep it real, offering a new perspective, I always come from a place of love - even if it’s uncomfortable.

Are you ready to say hell yes to you?! I got your back. I know what it takes to up-level your life, upgrade your worth, and to tap into your limitless power. I’m here to show you how.


There are probably 30 bajillion personal development life-coaches out there. So, why me?

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I begin with a framework that you are innately more than your body, mind and thoughts. You are more than that, and you deserve to life a life of more. You may have picked up, inherited, or developed some ways of being in and reacting to the world that do not support or serve you. My work as a hypno-therapist allows me to hear and see how your subconscious may be running the show without your conscious awareness. Working together to clear and transmute, you have the power and potential to life a life of your dreams. I believe you are worthy of a life of more, and all the desires of your heart you truly deserve.

It’s my goal to give you to practical tools and spiritual principles to lift you out of whatever is limiting you and weighing you down. To release it, without analyzing it, making you wrong or bad, or leaving you feeling stuck any longer.

I have a Degree in the Health Sciences, and a minor in Biology. I’m a certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher, Energy worker, Yoga instructor and more.

I have hundreds of hours of training in various holistic health techniques and alternative therapies, my approach is unique and you will see and feel the results clearly.

I am determined to build you up, never tear you down. I will not contribute to your guilt/fear/shame/uncertainty around these areas in your life. We will focus on what you are doing right, explore what you could do differently, and help you shift your perspective and create new patterns and habits that will change your life for the better.

Coaching with me works. Clients often tell me they feel a shift and a new perspective from the very first session.

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Hypno-Meditation for Vibrational Alignment

A 20 minute deep hypno-meditation to bring your physical body and Soul body into vibrational alignment.

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7 Day Experience:


A 7 Day Mini Course guiding you to Experience- more happiness, calmness and goodness! I give you the daily spiritual strategies and practical principles that have made the biggest impact in my life!

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Private Yoga

Explore yoga in the comfort of your own home! In person sessions available for San Francisco Bay Area peeps and Zoom/Skype session available for all other areas of the world!